OER Research Hub Fellow 2014

oerrhI was awarded a research fellowship with the OER Research Hub based at the Open University, UK, in 2014. The OERRH provides a focus for research around the impact of OER and identify the particular impact of openness. The output will be to create an impact map documenting the evidence gathered from around the world around the key hypotheses being tested in various projects.

The purpose of my study was to to look at the usage of the Siyavula textbooks, particularly by educators, and gather evidence on whether the open license of the Siyavula textbooks has increased access to education in South Africa.

The OER Research Hub hypotheses associated with this study are:

  • The open aspect of OER creates different usage and adoption patterns than other online resources
  • Open education models lead to more equitable access to education, serving a broader base of learners than traditional education

Fellowship trip to the OERRH in the UK

Read my blog post about my first week with the OERRH here and a summary of my activities whilst at the Open University.

OER Research Hub
At the OERRH with Claire Walker and Simone Arthur

Webinar: The Impact of Open Textbooks in the USA and South Africa

The following OER Research Hub webinar “The Impact of Open Textbooks in the USA and South Africa: When? Why? How?” was held on 28 May 2014. The webinar was co-presented by researcher Beck Pitt with Daniel Williamson (OpenStax College) and myself on the research we have been doing. The session was chaired by Martin Weller.

Siyavula educator survey results

Myself and Beck Pitt from the OER Research Hub published a series of blog posts in July 2014 detailing the results of the survey with educators in South Africa.


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