Scientifically creative; creatively scientific.

I thrive on being creatively analytical, experimentally innovative and continually exploratory.

I very much believe in and embrace the possibilities and potential when we break down the barriers between traditionally siloed disciplines and stand at the intersection of maths, science, art, technology, design and curiosity.

I am fascinated by how the mind works, how we learn and what motivates us to learn and pursue our goals, whether as a child, a teenager, a student, a professional, a retiree, or any learning experience in between.

I strive to balance the quantitative and the qualitative in all that I do.

More broadly, I am active within the global open movement, specifically around open access, open education and advocating for the use of OER.

I am a co-founder and organiser of our local chapter for Cape Town R-Ladies.

And I love to experience and explore the world around me, particularly through trail and road running and painting.

This blog is aimed to capture some of my thoughts and reflections as I explore, collaborate, create and learn, both personally and professionally.



Photo credits

The photos and images I have used are either my own and licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY license, or I have included the source reference.

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